10 Outfit Formulas Kim Kardashian West Clearly Can't Get Enough Of

Kim Kardashian West's style has evolved over the years—we know that. But the beauty of her wardrobe is that she often finds outfit formulas she loves and then sticks to. This means that (in theory, anyway) they're easy to re-create. However, the truth is they're much more daring than we would usually go for ourselves, even though the ensembles she's wearing are often way ahead of the trends. That said, you have to admire KKW for being adventurous when it comes to her fashion choices, and while we might not be ready to wear her looks yet, we're bookmarking them for later. Keep scrolling to see the Kim Kardashian West outfits the style setter can't get enough of.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Elinor Block.