The New A-List Trick for Looking Taller (It's Not Heels)

Hannah Almassi

We're sure Kate Bosworth, Solange Knowles, Alicia Vikander and Charlie XCX are all perfectly happy with the height they are, but the way they're working their wardrobes right now provides us all with one very handy elongating tip. We all know head-to-toe black can be slimming or that heels (quite obviously) add height, but their use of same-colour styling is a more exciting way to A.) liven up your look and B.) instantly look taller. The Hadids, Jenners and Kardashians have been using this trick in their neutral, tone-on-tone get-ups for a long time, but right now it's regal reds and purples that appear to be the hues-du-jour for the style elite. Scroll on to see these outfits and to shop the vital pieces needed to add a few inches to your vertical measurements…

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