How Many Pairs of Jeans Do You Really Need in Your Wardrobe?

Emma Spedding

I spend at least half of my week wearing jeans, but I usually rotate between the same two pairs (in case you're wondering that's a pair of J Brand Selena cropped bootcut jeans and DL161 high-rise skinny jeans). Having said that, I have a drawer with at least 16 pairs in it (including one pair of flared J Brands I've kept from when I was 17 that haven't fit since I hit my 20s). Clearly I'm in need of a denim cull, but before embarking on such a daunting journey, I decided to turn to London's jean experts to discover how many pairs you really need, plus the key styles you should always keep on standby, even if you're a little bit bored with them right now.

These three women are quite possibly the biggest denim geeks in the UK, and so they own a lot of denim (spoiler alert—I spoke to one designer with a cool 100 pairs in her collection). Together they have tried on almost all the denim out there, and so despite their huge collections, they know how to build the ultimate capsule jeans wardrobe.

Scroll below to discover how many pairs of jeans you should own according to London's denim experts.

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