The Holiday Packing List Every Fashion Girl Should Check Before Travelling

Elinor Block

Putting together a holiday packing list may sound tiresome, but for a stress-free, horror-free and completely chic vacay, you've just got to do it. To help you avoid a complete meltdown, we're doing that laborious part for you. There are so many decisions to make on what to put on your travel checklist. Whether that's deciding how many pairs of sandals you should be taking (four is the ideal number) to knowing whether you should pack that top you've only ever worn once (no is the answer), it's the most stressful part of preparing for your time away. But of course this shouldn't be a time-consuming or troubling affair; you should just be looking forward to all that time in the sun and a bit of relaxation.

Fashion girls in the know, however, understand that a truly efficient holiday wardrobe must include pieces that are versatile and capable of being worn more than once. To help, we've compiled the ultimate packing list to guide you through these tough choices. From how many pairs of trousers you'll need to settling the debate over whether you should take a jumper, as well as a print-out-and-keep checklist, we've got you covered.

Keep scrolling for our definitive rundown of a fashion girl's holiday packing list.

Print and keep this holiday packing list to check everything off:

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