The One White T-Shirt Every Street Style Star Is Wearing

Emma Spedding

So, let's talk about the Gucci logo T-shirt. While Gucci loafers were the one obligatory item in every influencer's wardrobe in 2016, another piece has now taken over as the most-viewed Gucci buy. If you follow any influencers, chances are you will have seen at least one person over the past fortnight wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt with Gucci written in gold across the front. Trust the adored luxury brand to make the fashion crowd go hysterical over something so seemingly simple as a white tee. 

According to Lyst, the fashion search engine, it has seen as many as 2000 searches a day for "Gucci T-shirt" (mainly from London and New York), and the tee has officially surpassed the Gucci loafers in search traffic. That might sound like a lot of hype for one white tee, but it has been worn by every single influencer we can think of, including Pernille Teisbaek, Pandora Sykes, Camille Charrière, Lucy Williams, Courtney Trop and more. 

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