Nerd Alert: Everyone Stylish Is Wearing These Huge, Geeky Glasses

Hannah Almassi

The idea of geek chic never really goes away, but it does constantly reinvent itself. Throughout 2016, the nerd-ometer has been swinging in the direction of seriously hip grannies, where all of Nan's demure staples have been given a whizz-bang makeover in metallic, clashing prints and magpie accessorising. One of those key accessories is a pair of geek glasses, but not the kind you'd come to recognise—you know, thick black rectangular frames reminiscent of Austin Powers. Belle laide frames in 2016 are more along the lines of 1970s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter or (whisper it) Terry Richardson's signature wire aviators.

Keep scrolling for the fashion take on one of the biggest trends this year—the geek-chic glasses.

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