How to Dress If You're Short: 9 Outfit Secrets Petite Girls Swear By

Learning how to dress if you're short is a life skill that takes a while to master. As someone who's under 5'3", I've regularly found myself in fitting rooms trying on laughably long jeans or jackets that make me look like I've come straight from the '80s (such is the unintentional oversized shoulder). If you're nodding along in empathy, then rest assured that I feel your pain. But it doesn't have to be this way, and it doesn't mean you have to forgo all the latest trends.

Photo: Getty Images

While I think we should all embrace whatever size, shape or height we are, sometimes appearing and feeling a little taller helps with being more confident. I've looked to three petite street style stars (Courtney Trop, Lucy Williams and Aimee Song) to gather some tips on how to dress a smaller frame. Although all three have their own unique take on fashion, there's one outfit they tend to avoid: anything overly layered. So, what are the guidelines? I've given a quick rundown of the key rules I always follow:

1. Cinch your waist where possible.

2. Wear short skirts with pointed shoes or boots.

3. Opt for cropped and fitted denim.

4. Wear high-waisted trousers.

5. Tailor your pieces.

6. When in doubt, go all black.

7. Do oversized, but don't layer.

8. Invest in a long coat.

9. Don't underestimate small heels.

If you want to see these rules in action, keep scrolling for nine outfit ideas that are ready to steal. Plus, shop key petite pieces.