6 Genuinely Great Labels From the World's Leading Style Influencers

Hannah Almassi

You probably remember a time where every celebrity and their brother/auntie/great niece started designing their own fashion collections. Most, bar a few memorable efforts (yes, we're talking about Kate Moss at Topshop), were a bit rubbish, but that's because the stars in question weren't necessarily fashion experts in their own right. Skip forward a generation, and there's now a flurry of style influencers who are setting up shop, creating their own ranges and knocking it out of the ballpark. These are the girls who know the market inside and out. If all day, every day is so heavily focused on what looks good, what photographs well, what goes with what, then who better to start filling some gaps in our wardrobes?

Some brands have been so successful that you probably don't even know there's a blogger behind them. Take Kendall Jenner's favourite bralette go-to of late by Are You Am I: it's designed by Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast. So as more of our favourite outfit-makers and trend-shapers set out on this fashion adventure, we thought we'd take some time to present you with the best creations coming out of this growing shopping sector. 

Go through the gallery to see (and buy, of course!) our favourite fashion blogger and It-girl labels…

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