7 Awesome Style Lessons We Learned From Emma Roberts This Month

Amy Lewis

Emma Roberts’s style has long been something to behold, but if it’s possible, the actress has seriously stepped things up a gear with the arrival of autumn. Now, of course, we can understand why—September is basically Christmas for the fashion world. A/W 17 drops have flooded designer and high-street rails alike, with everything from ankle boots and trench coats to midi dresses getting a fresh new spin for the season. We’re even having trouble keeping control of our own autumn shopping list.

Where Emma’s nailed A/W 17’s biggest trends, however, lies in the way she makes them her own and translates runway looks into wearable outfits that work for her petite frame. (Did you know she’s only 5’1”?) Naturally, having her super stylists Brit and Kara Elkin on call is a major bonus, but if you don’t happen to have that luxury, fear not—Emma’s already given us a master class in autumn dressing, thanks to her run of nonstop hit outfits this month.

Keep scrolling for the seven style lessons we’ve picked up from Emma Roberts, and shop her autumn must-haves ASAP.

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