The Denim Trend Isn't Disappearing Anytime Soon—and We're Starting to See Why

Elinor Block

No matter where you go, you're bound to run into something with embroidered detailing on the streets. Alongside ever-popular bomber jackets and T-shirts, there's no denying that decorative jeans are all over town—being supplied by the high street as well as the majority of our go-to designer denim brands. Some labels have been set up with the sole purpose of embroidering this humble fabric—just look at L.A.'s Bliss & Mischief as a prime example.

It would appear that few can resist the ongoing trend, and we're starting to understand why. As far as daily denim investments go—like a simple pair of plain indigo-wash skinnies—these embellished numbers stop you from having to think about accessories or styling up a look. The embroidery does all the hard work for you.

As for what to wear with them, we suggest you go casual with trainers and a plain white tee or opt for a more dressy formula with a pair of mules and a chic blazer. The focus is, understandably, on the denim in question, so feel free to keep thing simple. To help you on this embroidery hunt, we've selected some of our favourite pairs right now—and they are all under £120. That's a lot of denim bang for your buck, people.

Keep scrolling for our pick of the best embroidered jeans right now.

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