9 Items Our Editors Have Shared in Our Private #WhatWeLove Group

Hannah Almassi

As you can imagine in an office full of fashion lovers, there's a great deal of talk about shopping. We're oversharers when it comes to our style choices, and we've even gone so far as to set up a #WhatWeLove thread on our internal communication channel to help each other decide on what to keep and what to return our latest deliveries (sorry, Net-a-Porter van drivers—we keep you very busy).

But rather than selfishly keeping this cherished intel within the confines of the team, we've decided to basically open up the chat to you, dear readers. We'll keep you posted each week on what's already been added to our baskets and wish lists so that in spirit, you'll basically sitting next to our (package-strewn) desks. This Monday, we're falling hard for Mango's statement trousers, the cutest cosiest bag we've ever seen in our lives, sequins (obvs) and some very cool high-street earrings.

Keep reading to see our editors' top fashion picks.

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