13 Quick Tips for Dressing Up Your Jeans

Elinor Block

Jeans: We love them. We couldn't imagine a complete wardrobe without a pair (or seven). They are the fail-safe fashion item that we pull out when we have nothing else to wear—or when there's no time to even think about it. Jeans are also one of our go-to pieces for any event, be it brunches, evening 'dos, or for the office (if you're lucky and not lumbered with a strict dress code). But—and we're all susceptible to this—we can find ourselves in a style rut when it comes to styling them in new and exciting ways. It can all get a little bit boring.

But we'd venture to guess that within your closet, you already have everything you need to dress up your jeans in a hundred and one ways. So if you find yourself in dire need of inventive refreshes, you've come to the right place. We've hunted down some incredible ensembles to help you make the most of your denim collection. Click through our gallery for 13 tips that you can try right now.

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