5 Colours That Always Look Incredible on Blondes

Hannah Almassi

We know it may sound old-fashioned, but honestly, there are certain colours that suit blondes far more than they do brunettes—and it's quite normal to ask that question even if you wouldn't go so far as to venture into "getting your colours" done at the local department store. (Remember Bridget Jones's mum?)


Style du Monde

But this is where we—and a bevy of golden-locked A-listers and street style stars—jump in to decode the spectrum of suitable hues for you. So what colours really are best for blondes? Well, after trawling through image after image from this year's red carpets, events, fashion week front rows and such, we noticed a few trends emerging between the savviest bombshells on the block.

Go through the gallery to see the results—and shop some key pieces to get your new palette going.

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