15 Christmas Jumpers You Won't Feel Ridiculous In

Elinor Block

Christmas jumpers are a funny beast. Many hate them and can't bear the thought of wearing an item that has either Rudolph or a snowman on it. And that's fair enough, because it doesn't exactly scream chic-and-sophisticated woman, does it? And while we're not knocking those who enjoy sporting a sweater festooned with LED lights and a bit of tinsel, there are ways to still be festive with your knitwear without compromising on style. 

Take, for example, the Fair Isle knit. These are popular throughout winter and definitely have a bit of a Christmas-y vibe, yet remain a classic wardrobe item. Then there's the embellished sweater, which is always a goer in our books, thanks to the gems taking on a snowflake-esque quality. And let's not forget red jumpers, which during a normal month are a bold choice, but come Christmas are definitely more festive. 

Whatever your view, we've selected 15 cool Christmas jumpers that are ideal for those who love them and even for those who don't. Click through our gallery to shop them all right now.

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