This Bra-Size Calculator Is a Thing of Genius

Elinor Block

I have an embarrassing confession to make: I've worn the same-size bra for 18 years. According to Marks & Spencer, 82% of women who get measured are wearing the wrong size, and after learning that, I had a firm talking to myself and vowed to go get measured. Initially, I went to M&S, as it's quite often the first place I go for underwear. Here, the bra fitter measured my band (the bit just under your bust) and then went around the top of my bust (the bit you'd get the widest measurement from). While I was wearing a 32C, she came back with a 34D. Oh dear.

I then headed to Rigby & Peller. This old-school underwear shop works very differently from other stores. Instead of measuring you, the bra fitters work by sight. They just look at your chest and work out which size you are. Again, they came back with a 34D. Now, while just knowing a woman's bra size from looking at her chest does seem like a sort of superpower every woman should have, alas, it's not something we can all possess, which is why I got thinking about a bra-size calculator. Surely, there must be an easy way for every woman to work out their own bra size without having to always go get it fitted, especially when we're all so busy. Keep scrolling for our guide on how to find out your correct bra size.

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