From Now on, This Is the High-Street Store I'm Buying All My Dresses From

Elinor Block

A simple wrap dress, that's all it is. But every time I've worn one particular dress from Warehouse, I always get compliments. I've thought a lot about why it works for me: It emphasises my small waist, hides the bits I would rather forget about and is flattering on the bust without making me feel exposed. It also slightly slits up the middle, has the ideal sleeve length for my petite arms and comes in a floral pattern that's not too girly. Other than my wedding dress, I've never had so many people tell me how great I look.

While this frock in particular is no longer available, there are plenty of other dresses in Warehouse that will deliver a similarly pretty silhouette—and other girls in the Who What Wear office can swear by the brand's flattering pattern cutting. From sparkling party frocks to dresses that are ideal for a wedding, there's an incredible number of styles to choose from. Even better, you can wear them with sneakers or heels and suddenly you have so many more options to wear it all the time (i.e., you can milk it for even more compliments).

I've selected some of the best Warehouse dresses you don't want to miss out on. Keep scrolling for my picks.

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Opening Images: @katherine_ormerod and @Warehouseuk

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