Ask an Editor: Where to Buy the Best T-Shirts Under £50

Elinor Block

The T-shirt is a classic for a reason. It's simple, made of easy-to-wear fabric and can be styled with next to anything. However, hunting down the best T-shirt is like searching for the Holy Grail of fashion.

For that reason, we're always being asked where you can find these perfect T-shirts without spending a small fortune. But what are the requirements of an incredible T-shirt? For starters, they should fall just right—not too clingy, but not too loose so that it looks shapeless. Other factors include it being in a block colour, as you can style it with more. Our preference is black, white or grey, although other hues are of course totally acceptable. 

Finally, there is one last trick that we highly recommend when on the hunt for this basic: Try shopping outside of the women's department. The men's section can be a trove of T-shirt wonders, particularly if you're looking for a more oversize style that you might want to cinch with a belt. For that reason, we've rounded up the very best you can locate for under £50. Set this one to bookmark.

Click through our gallery below of our favourite T-shirt brands. 

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