29 of the Best Summer Dresses, Because Everyone Has Very Different Tastes

Elinor Block

Come April, you'll find shops are brimming with summer dresses. So much so that the selection can be overwhelming. But where can you find a pick of the best? Right here, of course. Not only have we done our research in terms of key trends, but we've also found styles we know you'll be wearing way beyond this season. Guaranteed, these are the frocks that you'll be able to pull out in 2020 and still be smug about. From the classic denim pinafore to a more of-the-moment silk slip, off-the-shoulder silhouettes (a trend that we don't see dying anytime soon) to elaborate floral wraps, there's a style to suit every girl—even the ones who don't consider themselves dress lovers.


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Whatever your preferences, we've narrowed down all the major trends of the season to bring you a honed collection of all the best summer dresses. Whether you want a frock to wear with your sneakers or something a little more fancy for a wedding, we've curated down your ultimate shopping guide.

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