50 Standout Pieces to Power Up Your Spring Wardrobe

by Olivia Lidbury

Jump for joy: Spring is officially here! After a few hit-and-go weeks, we’re going to hedge our bets and say it’s officially safe to relegate all those knits you’ve been sporting since October to the back of your wardrobe. Those spring looks have been a long time coming, and to mark the switch in weather, we’ve curated the ultimate new-season shopping list to inspire your next purchase.

Naturally, we’re leaning towards zingy handbags to spice up otherwise-muted looks and open-toed shoes that might just mean you have to treat yourself to a pedicure (sorry). So join the movement, and embrace bold trousers, fluffy sandals and look-at-me sunglasses. Shop the 50 best pieces this spring in the gallery below.

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