Here Are the Best Skinny Jeans at Every Store—So You Can Stop Searching

Hannah Almassi

Style Du Monde

The best skinny jeans are—let's be honest—the ones that make you feel like a skinnier version of yourself. The clue is in the name. They're the ones that don't sag at the bottom, bag at the knee or need permanent attention in order to stay put. They're the ones that sculpt and tone without you having to sculpt and tone. The best skinny jeans are, above all, a pair that you can pull out day after day and feel really confident about wearing.

But like all cherished fashion go-tos, there's an amount of trial and error, and research, that goes into locating them. It's not easy to pinpoint the jeans you'll want to wear on repeat when you're trying them on for 10 seconds in a dimly lit changing room after a feast at Busaba. (Just me? Okay.) So in order to aid you in what can be a nightmare quest to find the perfect jeans, we've contacted a selection of the most trusted denim stockists to find out which pairs they sell the most of and why. Because no matter how we may get sidetracked by mom jeans or the many new denim trends that are on offer in 2017, nothing beats a good—nay, great—pair of skinnies.

So in honour of our denim focus this week, here are the best skinny jeans that you can shop right now.

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