I Can't Help It, I Love a Sequin Dress at Christmas

Elinor Block

I have a thing about sequin dresses. I used to think they were the sole domain of people who never really stopped liking My Little Pony, but I've recently fallen in love with them. The difference is that sequins are sophisticated now. Italian label Attico has played a massive part in my change of heart. The Grace dress is a multicoloured wrap dress, which sounds a little bit Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Coat but is utterly fabulous. Not only can you wear it by itself to a fancy Christmas party, but you could dress it down with sneakers and a roll-neck if you want to go to the pub. There are, of course, other iterations on the high street that look just as brilliant. Layered over jeans or worn with just a pair of platform sandals for the festive period, there are plenty of ways to wear sequin dresses that will last you beyond December. Keep scrolling for our guide to the best sequin dresses you'll love forever.

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