This Summer's Hottest Bikini Trend Probably Isn't What You'd Expect

by Olivia Lidbury

Bella Hadid and her model gang might be championing the sort of high-cut thong bikini bottoms that are synonymous with the ’90s, but there’s more demure swimwear movement going on in the real world this summer. The term “modest bikini” is being furiously looked up on Pinterest, while fashion marketplace Lyst is reporting that bikinis with high waists (which are typically much lower cut than Hadid’s hip-bearing style of choice) are its most searched-for style in the UK right now.



Lucy Williams in a two-piece by Marysia Swim.

Kendall Jenner (below) got in on the modest act while frolicking aboard a yacht in Cannes last week in a pink bikini that boasted a high waist and ruffles – another trend that’s currently enjoying peak popularity. The Colby two-piece by luxury swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez resulted in 37,000 views on Lyst alone, making it the site’s highest-viewed bikini. Ever. Despite retailing for £390, the pink style has since sold out (but you can snag it in red and navy blue here).



While there’s no doubting that where influencers with a reach of hundreds of millions will go (we’re looking at you, Bella, Hailey and Emily), many will literally follow when it comes to emulating their style. Certainly, the release of Baywatch is only adding fuel to the high-cut fire, but this summer, the tribes are clear: You either fall in camp reveal or camp modesty, and the choice is plentiful if you’re in the latter. Scroll through the gallery below to shop some of our favourite bikini styles that offer the best coverage.

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