BRB, Just Going to Stare at These Fabulous Fashion Weddings

Elinor Block

When it comes to weddings, there's no denying that the most fashionable of nuptials are the most fun to gawp at. Whether that's an A-lister or a fashion editor, set in a city or on a beach, there are plenty of stylish brides and grooms we've seen over the past few years that we need to tell you about. But before we start giving you examples of these über-chic events, perhaps we should define the rules of what we mean by "fashion wedding."



A fashion wedding tends to be a full-on style extravaganza that often includes several outfit changes (although that's not a prerequisite), a fantastic Pinterest-worthy setting, plus gorgeous guests.

Budding brides, we've selected some of the most stylish of weddings that you'll want to take inspiration from. For those who aren't getting married,  behold a load of pictures that are just great to look at. Keeps scrolling for our guide the best fashion weddings ever.

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