35 Top Fashion Influencers for When You're in Need of Fresh Inspo

Elinor Block

If you're an avid follower of this site, then you know how important fashion influencers are to us. Not only do they alert us to exciting new designers, but they also give us ideas for fabulous outfit ensembles. In fact, you probably already follow a few on Instagram.

While many old-school bloggers started out with just a simple website, the trend now stretches further out onto Instagram, and there are now more fashion "influencers" rather than "bloggers" than ever before. And they're having an incredible impact on how we dress. You need only look at the rise of street style stars to spot that those off the catwalk have as much influence on our wardrobes as those on the catwalk—and brands, from high fashion to the high street, certainly agree. 


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However, there is one major problem with anyone and everyone being able to call themselves a fashion influencer: How do you tell the good ones from the bad? Well, thanks to the fact that we're surrounded by them so often, and that we spend an obscene number of hours trawling through Instagram, we know just who you should be following with our definitive guide to the best fashion influencers around right now.

Click through our gallery below for the 35 best fashion influencers and why you will probably want to follow each and every one. 

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