28 Incredible Engagement Rings for Every Budget

by Olivia Lidbury

Whether you’re dropping hints to a significant other, already happily betrothed or as far from getting married as you are from running a marathon on your lunch break, ogling the best engagement rings never gets old.

Maybe it’s because after finding The One, an engagement ring becomes as permanent a part of someone as their partner, a hugely notable love token that practically embeds itself on the body. Fleeting, impulsive, momentary—none of these terms applies to an emblem of eternity.

An engagement ring enjoys universal recognition and sends a message that can’t be misinterpreted; a decorated ring finger signals your relationship status to a complete stranger while friends become familiar with the composition of metal and stones they never see you leave home without.

Then there’s the backstory of a ring. Where engagements are concerned, budgets get blown, heirlooms are passed down and proposals are painstakingly prepared (followed by gasps of “Didn’t they choose well?!”).

Having said that, you don’t always need a real-life proposal for a story. Is there anything more fun than window-shopping, where hours of amusement can be had from making up the fantasy lifestyle you’d need to pull off a rock that costs more than the average mortgage? We think not.

So whether you’re in the latter camp or you need to steer that special someone towards a decision, sit back and scroll through some of the most beautiful rings you’ll ever set eyes on.

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