An A-List Guide to Not Looking Like a Fashion Victim at Coachella

Hannah Almassi

For every boho whirlwind that breezes past in a riot of paisley, fringing and floral head garlands, there are other girls who have decided to not follow the usual festival-fashion protocol and instead choose to blaze their own, unique, understated and completely cliché-free trail. Those are the Coachella outfits we're really interested in from this past weekend's festivities in Palm Springs—and no doubt you are too.

The stage-side season is one that gives you a chance to unleash some different styling skills, but that doesn't mean fancy dress is the optimum option. Instead, just look in the gallery below at how Suki Waterhouse eschews convention in favour of something altogether more unexpected, or how you can nod to hippie without falling into a Woodstock memorabilia black hole. Click through to see the fashion crew's most effective style tips—then keep going to shop a few new essentials…

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