Everything I Know About Finding the Best Clothes for Big Bums

Elinor Block

I have a lot to thank Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West for, but the—ahem—biggest thing of all? How I’m now able to embrace my big bum. Before the song “Bootylicious” came out, I felt self-conscious about having a curvy bottom. Look, I’m not saying Bey had the power to change my feelings overnight, but when I thought about how J.Lo and KKW were also helping change society’s view of butts for the better, I started to change mine. In part, they made me feel like my big butt was something to be embraced, not embarrassed about.

However, even if you’re blessed with a fuller butt, there are still fashion hurdles to jump. For example, something that fits your bottom might not fit the rest of you the same. But the good thing is that there are plenty of ways to dress your body type that will flatter and flaunt your shape.


Getty Images; Left to Right: Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez

Thankfully, I’ve gathered some tips along the way on how to and how not to dress a curvy bottom. From the right underwear to the most flattering coat, I’ve got the hacks that will give you more confidence about showing it off. Important note: We’re not trying to make big bums look smaller—it’s all about celebrating what you have. Keep scrolling for tips on finding the best clothes for big bums.

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