23 Bridesmaid Dresses Your Girls Will Actually Be Happy Wearing

If you think shopping for a new pair of jeans is difficult, try shopping for the perfect bridesmaid dress. There are a number of factors that make the process even more stressful than even finding your own wedding dress. First, you want to locate dresses that won't blow your entire wedding budget, but you don't want them to look cheap. Second, if you want all your bridesmaids to wear the same dress, you need to find a style that's flattering for multiple body types and tastes (no easy feat). And then, of course, you want your friends to feel comfortable.

Photo: @staud

On top of all that drama, bridesmaid dresses can often look old-fashioned and overly formal, and stylish options can be harder to find than you'd think. But they do exist, and we've edited together a selection of the best bridesmaid dresses for 2018. We're fans of ASOS bridesmaid dresses, and we love the brand Rewritten, which aims to make cool bridesmaid dresses. Another new label to note is French brand Les Heroines, which creates simple slip dresses, suits and wrap dresses in ivory, champagne and mint green. Both Rewritten and Les Heroines are perfect if you want your bridesmaids to coordinate but wear slightly different styles and colours. Scroll below to see our edit of the 23 best bridesmaid dresses.