No BS: These 3 Best-Selling Bras Will Actually Change Your Life

Hannah Almassi

Here at Who What Wear UK, we want to take all the stress out of shopping, and to help us do just that, we're launching a new series, We Try Before You Buy, where we'll be road-testing new trends, fresh labels, the latest drops and key buys.

When it comes to feeling good in your clothes, nothing has quite the same impact as wearing a bra that fits perfectly. For all the styling hacks and must-have accessories in the world, your underpinnings are the real game changer. The best bras work for you, not against you, leaving your silhouette more defined and allowing the kind of effortless comfort that doesn't have you whipping the darn thing off the minute you get home.

Many of us struggle to find this holy grail of lingerie, so I'm providing you with a very good starting point: The three bras that sell like crazy, fit like a dream and have become repeat purchases and repeat orders for some time. This information comes courtesy of Selfridges's super-plush third-floor Body Studio lingerie and fit expert Clare Basche.

There are thousands of brassieres on offer, but if you're looking for the one you can wear day in and day out, then we've got answers.

There are the three things you need to consider first:

1. Your breast shape: More often than not, it's the shape of a bra, rather than the size you've chosen, that could be a problem. "Size and shape don't correlate, so you can be a G cup but have shallow breasts because all your volume is at the bottom, or you can be a D cup and all the volume is up top, so you're full," explains Claire. Look at the way a cup projects out from the side of the bra—if it's deep-looking, then you need fuller boobs at the top, if it's shallow-looking, then it's right for girls with weight at the bottom of their breast.

2. Take your time: "Try at least three different bras, don't give up after the first one, and if it's your first outing, you should also try three different brands. It's a process; just like when you're buying jeans," Claire says.

3. Replace your bras often: If you're battering your bras and wearing them constantly, you will need to replace them every six months or so. Be sure to get fitted again as well—our bodies change more than we think.

Try these three bras, and we guarantee you'll come away with something excellent. I even road-tested them myself, and I would have happily walked away with all of them.

Next up, the lingerie mistakes everyone—us included—always make.

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