12 Athleisure Essentials for Working Out in Autumn

Everyone knows that working out in autumn and winter is hard. Your morning run turns into a semi-triathalon as you charge your way through wind and stormy weather. It's cold and dark when you leave your yoga class, so enthusiasm for that starts to wane, and since everyone moves indoors, the wait at the gym for that treadmill, the cross-trainer and the showers gets ever longer too… Yes, getting your regular exercise during this half of the year is a hard old slog. Which is why a brand-new workout wardrobe is required. Not that we ever need an excuse to shop, but if you especially love your workout gear, you're far more likely to do the workout. (That's our thought process, anyway.)

So we have enlisted the help of three fitness experts—Louise Parker, founder of Louise ParkerLee Mullins, founder of Workshop Gymnasium; and Héloïse Nangle, COO of Core Collective—to guide us through this season's must-buy kit essentials. Whether you're looking to up your tech game in order to battle the plunging temperatures or you just want to know the right way to layer up, keep scrolling for the expert's tips on what to buy for this season's workout wear… 

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