Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Trends: The 11 Looks You Need to Know

Hannah Almassi

The autumn/winter 2017 fashion trends are shaping up to be very good news for your wardrobe. Why? Well, rather than the old-fashioned system of one thing being "out" while another is deemed "in," designers have broken down the boundaries of what can be considered of-the-moment. Many trends are hitting their third or fourth winter season in favour (take the chunky knit and midi skirt combination for example), and that's a wondrous thing. Not only have you come accustomed to that particular way of styling, but it's highly likely you'll own one or more pieces to get going again without delay. If it ain't broke…

Then there are the genuinely new autumn/winter trends that have almost been built just to make us happy. While a lot was said on the runways—quite literally when it came to the many social, economical and political outpourings of emotion via slogans—the fashion world also agrees that clothes can be a way to lift one's spirits when all else seems a bit grim. From vibrant colours that are best worn head-to-toe to the frippery of feathers, fluff and frills being embellished upon every item imaginable, there's no shortage of fun being had in design circles. Even the simple addition of a pair of loud tights will bring your wardrobe into the here and now.

Keep reading to learn about the A/W 17 fashion trends every girl will want to have in her arsenal next season…

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