Autumn’s Hottest Waiting Lists (and How You Get on Them)

As the temperature loses its sweat factor and that cool breeze starts to set in, our minds swiftly turn to our wardrobes—specifically, the purchasing of entirely new ones. Because if there’s anything to look forward to about the end of summer, some sparkly new items for our dream closet is surely it, right?

However, some of us may find—much to our horror—that we have arrived a little late to the new-season table. What, we cry, already? In August?! Sadly, so. Many must-have A/W16 items have already amassed hefty waiting lists or sold out almost altogether, only to await a re-order. But all is not lost… By tapping our resources at the most important department stores in town, we have uncovered how you can join the queue to make sure you’re next in line. Keep scrolling to find out how you can get first (or at least second) dibs on the hottest pieces of the new season…

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