The 8 Items That Will Help You Look a Little More Audrey Hepburn Every Day

Emma Spedding

Filmstar Audrey Hepburn has long been considered one of our greatest style icons, and her son Sean Ferrer told US Vogue that tweens and teens now make up 50% of her fanbase, proving her style is truly timeless. “People have always talked about her grace, [and wondered], What was the secret of her elegance? What was her system? What was her style?” he said, and these are questions he is planning on answering in a book about her style, which will be released in 2018. However if you can't wait to find out these answers, we have done some unpicking too to bring you the eight items that still look just as relevant decades later and will make you look a little more Audrey each day. Keep scrolling to see and shop her eight signature pieces. 

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