Afternoon Slump? 10 Anna Wintour Quotes to Make You Feel Super-Motivated

Elinor Block

Is there anyone with as much influence over the fashion world as Anna Wintour? As editor-in-chief of US Vogue for nearly 30 years, she is heralded as one of the most revered editors in the industry. With a reputation for being distant (her nickname is Nuclear Wintour, after all), it's rare we get to glimpse inside her world. However, 2009's Vogue documentary, The September Issue did give us some insight into how she runs one of the biggest magazines in the world—and we've been totally inspired ever since. If you're intrigued by how she's managed to stay at the top of her game for so long, we've hunted down some of her most inspirational quotes to give you motivation. From wise pieces of advice to strong statements that could only be uttered by the Vogue editor, keep scrolling for the best Anna Wintour quotes...

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