5 Grown-Up Jewellery Labels for When You're Old Enough to Know Better

Lou and Em, A Style Album

We're very excited to announce that Lou and Em of lifestyle site A Style Album are the latest fashion contributors to sign up to penning a monthly column here at Who What Wear UK. These two girls live and breathe fashion—if you want to know the merits of a certain Chanel bag or which pair of jeans in Topshop fit the best, we guarantee you Lou and Em will have the answer. With their inspirational take on grown-up, sophisticated style (they recently decoded the fashion uniform you need when you go past 30) in mind, we're pleased to present their first official column. Keep reading…

We are jewellery obsessed… Not your usual bling and diamonds, we love laid-back luxe. Gone are the days we can get away with cheap jewellery that turn our ears/neck/fingers green. We now look for affordable, quality pieces that are still fun and quirky. Whether statement or minimalist pieces, we’re always on the hunt for cool accessories to give our looks an edge. Being in Mallorca for the summer, we packed some brands that will take us from the beach to the bar and also work with our wardrobes once we return (reluctantly) to England!

Here’s our round-up of affordable, quality and age appropriate jewellery brands we’re coveting now…

Do you have any of these already in your jewellery box? Let us know in the comments box below!

Be sure to follow Lou and Em on Instagram @AStyleAlbum.

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