'90s Fashion: Everything You Bought, Adored, Wore to Death and Then Forgot About

Elinor Block

Nineties fashion is a funny old world. While on the one hand, it's brought us back incredible outfits thanks to the resurgence of slip dresses and kitten heels, there's also a raft of trends we'd like to keep in the past. After reaching out to the rest of the Who What Wear team, we reminisced about all the pieces we used to be so proud to own but can't imagine ever wearing again (we think). From the more embarrassing looks to downright odd ensembles, there are plenty of strange and hilarious pieces we'll try avoiding in the future. That is unless Vetements suddenly makes them cool again…

Keep scrolling for our guide to the '90s fashion items we wore to death and then forgot about (until now).

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